Private Chef

Unlike a Personal chef that works for several families and cook your meals in advance, a Private chef is employed by a single client on a full-time basis. Private chefs will usually prepare three meals daily and might even live in a client-provided room in their home or travel together with the client and cook in their chalet or megayacht.

While hiring a private chef be ready to afford to pay him/her a good salary as this becomes the chef’s only job.

It will be smart choice to introduce the “private chef service” offered by Umami to your guests while renting out your villa or luxury apartments in Latvia. Experienced private chef( unlike professional chef from the restaurant) is confident in working with hi-end home equipment and fragile surfaces. Also you will have someone to keep an eye on your goods.


We are offering legal contracts and trial period of three month. During the personal interview with chef we check qualification and language skills, absence of the criminal past, veracity of all documents and references. We also make sure the candidate is holding up-to-date medical examination report and hygiene certificate. Our services are fully confidential.

Seeking private chefs via word of mouth or employment ads is dangerous at best, whilst at Umami we can offer pre-screening for both employers and applicants, ensuring an appropriate match between chef and position. For peace of mind when looking for Personal or Private Chef services please contact us.

how it works

1. Before matching you with a perfect candidate, we will help you to collect important information regarding your food preferences, dietary needs and any allergies. We would also find out how many people and how often your chef will need to cook for. A candidate’s preferable communication language, age, gender and other important options would also be evaluated.

2. After choosing the applicant, we suggest you meet him/her in your home to discuss all the nuances and to test their cooking skills.
3. Enjoy your favorite food at home or anywhere in the world!