Personal Chef

What’s the difference between Private Chef and Personal Chef?

People are often confused about the difference between a personal and private chef.

A private chef is not the same as personal chef.

Unlike Private Chef, who is cooking exclusively for one family, Personal chef’s job is to cook for multiple families or busy individuals per week. The chef goes into 4-5 homes per week and cooks 4-5 entrees for clients. Alternatively, the chef cooks and delivers the food – either way, the menu is customized to be exactly what the clients wants, and the food is cooked exclusively for them.

We have a set of clients we cook exclusively for every week. Each morning/afternoon is dedicated to one client, and we prepare the food they eat throughout the week, typically 3-4 complete entrees/meals. For 4-5 hours a week, you can have your own “private” chef. So the difference is that you must re-heat the food yourself, and don’t have someone cooking a fresh meal for you every night.

That said, the food is still an improvement than what you’d get from a meal delivery service or any food operation that scales its food making large batches. Small versus large batch food is vastly superior in quality and taste. There is nothing that beats small batch, home-made food. This is what we aim to provide as personal chefs.

Typical Clients:

A private chef works for a variety of personalities, palates and types. While some clients are looking for fine dining quality meals, others are looking for meals that meet specific diet criteria, like vegetarian. Often, the types of clients who hire private chefs are busy professionals, families, senior citizens and people with dietary requirements and restrictions.

How much does it cost to hire a chef?

The cost of a personal chef is starting from 300-500 Euros a month + groceries. You are hiring somebody to cook food that is specifically catering to your diet and preferences. Everything is made fresh and from scratch.

The cost for an experienced Private chef (not a “cook” that doubles as a housekeeper or nanny) is significantly higher as this become the chef’s only job.


  • Stay healthy with professionally prepared, tasty food upon your dietary needs and alergees
  • Save time on shopping, cooking and dish washing and enjoy your free time
  • Try new dishes
  • Save money on eating out
  • Get discount for Private Events and other services.

how it works

1. Tell us your food preferences, dietary needs and allergies. How many people and how often your personal chef will need to cook for? Do you prefer chef to cook in your kitchen or deliver the ready meals in a sertain time?

2. Meet the chef in your home and discuss the menu. At that time as many nuances you will go thru as better.
3. Enjoy your favourite food at home! Just follow the easy-to-heat-up instructions for your delicious meals. No more shopping lines, parking, cooking, washing, cleaning, storing, table booking etc.